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Extra Value Added Services

We also offer extra services such as import clearance, pick-up/delivery, special handling and packing, documentation management, export clearance, storage and others offered in particular countries. Please fill up our Information Request Form to find out the offerings in your country of interest. The concerned team will revert to you in a single working day.

MORPHEUS logistics can offer end-to-end coverage of the supply chain through the full portfolio of logistics services. These services may involve managing the infrastructure, organization, processes and enabling technology across the functions of procurement, manufacturing and distribution. Clients leverage our expertise in Logistics to focus on their core competencies.

Retail Activities

Morpheus can provide support for retail pre-shipment activities like tagging, labeling and packing. In addition to these services we can also modify and/or configure products. Product modification may involve component exchange or component upgrade.

Sequencing / JIT

Morpheus has experience of supporting lean manufacturing by supplying parts and components to assembly lines in the right sequence on a just-in-time basis. We have designed and operated centers to receive parts that are then sorted into small lots and sequenced to correspond with our client's assembly line schedules.

Kitting, Assembly, CKD/ SKD

Kitting services, provided by Morpheus, involves selecting, packaging and delivery of unassembled parts with the goal of minimizing inventory and production or installation time.
Developments like build-to-order and customization downward in the supply chain have led to growing customers' demand for a shift in assembly activities from the manufacturing process to the logistics process. We meet this demand by providing (sub-) assembly services, before or after production.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics can be provided to encompass the re-use, repair, refurbishment, recycling and disposal of finished products and/or spare parts with the goal of conserving raw materials or components. MORPHEUS can manage the products in the reverse supply chain according to the agreed processes and supports its customers in optimizing these return flows. In addition, MORPHEUS works with clients to develop designs and processes for the re-use or recycling of packaging.


MORPHEUS transportation expertise encompasses load design, route scheduling and just-in-time delivery. We support the transportation function by being a single window source for all issues related to administration, payment and performance measurement functions.
We offer the full range of transportation services, ranging from collection and door delivery. Through our strategic partners, we are able to handle transportation across the five continents.


MORPHEUS logistics designs, operates and manages a large number of warehouse facilities. We can provide the building, the people and the process. We work with our clients to design the most efficient layout, select the most appropriate materials handling equipment, and may control inventory levels to optimize service and cost. MORPHEUS logistics also has extensive experience of adding value to warehousing activities by providing services such as labelling, re-packing, picking, packing , kitting. Moreover cross-docking and temperature-controlled storage are offered in both dedicated and shared facilities.

Logistics & Supply Chain Design

MORPHEUS logistics considers each new contract as a clean sheet design, firstly considering our client's customers' service expectations to develop a cost-effective supply-chain solution. Before the analysis and design begins, MORPHEUS logistics analysts develop a clear understanding of the product characteristics, plant operations, customer service requirements and market environment.
Sophisticated modelling and simulation tools for both warehousing and transportation, allow us to test many operating scenarios and ensure that the proposed solution meets cost and service expectations. Each design is built on a platform of client objectives and best practices with a vision to deliver beyond expectations.


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